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May 2012

Days of Energy

From May the 23th to the 25th, there were the Berlin 2012 Days of Energy in the Ludwig Erhard House, contextually enabling the presenting of our house, together with the Team Konstanz. The Days of Energy were arranged by the Federal Ministry for Economics and Technology. Our session was supportively moderated by Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Eng. M. Norbert Fisch in the - IGS – Institute for Building- and Solar Technology. The session related on energy research and had the title “Innovative Technologies for the Energy Transition”. We held our presentation on May the 24th at 6 pm and could introduce our competing ideas referring on futuristic buildings.

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European Energy Avantgarde

Today, the Counter Entropy Team of the RWTH Aachen threw a symposium with the title “European Energy Avantgarde”. The event was held in the context of the Karls award and its aim was firstly presenting the actual state of affairs considering the building of the house, just as the presenting of the house in front of a broad audience in general. Secondly, there should be discussed how effective the Solar Decathlon’s potential as a futuristic competition in the field of the debating about energy and sustainability actually is. Present at the panel discussion were besides the host, the Counter Entropy Team, the other German Team “Team Ecolar” of the HTWG Konstanz. Both teams was enabled the presenting of their project.

Panel discussion

A throng of people

Invited guests, such as representatives of the Solar Decathlons Europe and the federal ministry of economics and technology, held speeches about the evening’s issue and in fact were the participants of the panel discussion. Both students of several courses and journalists also attended the event in order to receive information and the project regarding sustainable energy forms.

Exchange of tips

The event was introduced by Univ.-Prof. Dipl.-Ing. M. Arch Peter Russell, the students’ coach. After speeches of Joara Cronemberger, Dr. Knut Kübler, Dipl.-Ing. Markus Kratz, Dipl. Ing. Regina Sonnabend, Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Karsten Voss and Dr. Sven Dammann, there was an exchange of views considering the further development of the Solar Decathlon. There were suggestions like the transforming of the competition into the European Energy Avantgarde discussed. Afterwards, the debate was rounded off by mutually exchanging tips in view of the competition. The students appealed to the jury to loosen up the set of rules and regulations while the jury told the students to keep the project’s fun in mind although there would be a lot of hard working periods.

Additionally, the Counter Entropy Team and the Team Ecolar held presentations about their concept and their building. They pointed out their buildings’ unique features as contributions to a modern and energy efficient lifestyle.

And by eating tidbits and drinking some juice, talking about the event, watching the by models visualized buildings, the guests and hosts finished off with the evening.

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