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August 2012

The first day

The first day was very successfully! We established the construction site and arranged the sub structure.

Find some pictures of the first day here!

A extraordinary move

Our team has successfully dismantled the house completely and leaved the hall at “Forschungszentrum Jülich”. We managed to load the entire house on several trucks that are already on the way to Madrid. The required tools in Madrid were loaded into a container in order to be an centrally available at the construction site.

In Madrid, the construction phase will begin on Friday 31 August start at 12 o’clock. This represents the starting point for the reconstruction of the house in 14 days. That short period represents a special challenge for the team, because the house must be built fully functional.

On 13 September, the opening ceremony will be held at the Villa Solar, which is located at the "Casa de Campo" in the west of Madrid.

In this blog we will constantly publish news from the site and later in the final competition phase.
So stay live with us together in Madrid!

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