We build.

We are the Counter Entropy Team of RWTH Aachen University and take part in the 2012 Solar Decathlon Europe. The Solar Decathlon is an international student competition to improve the awareness for solar energy. We are building the Counter Entropy House which is operated with solar energy only. It is our aim to create a new understanding of energy efficient buildings. While constructing and deconstructing homes it is important to act with consideration for resources, energy and our environment. This is the Counter Entropy Concept.

The Counter Entropy Concept

Reduce waste: We try to avoid inseparable connections between different materials while building our house. After the disassembly of our house all parts can be separated and recycled.

Reuse: We use components from used products. Those are either recycled or directly reused. This way they get a second usage before they return to their product cycle.

Conserving resources: We only use resources where it is really necessary. This is accomplished with our reusing concept but also with a thoughtful handling of building material.