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January 2012

Safety instructions in the wood workshop

Today we had a first safety briefing for the early start of the building construction. In the wood workshop of our faculty, where the interior is going to be produced, the experienced carpenter and leader of the workshop explained us what we have to keep in mind during preparation and implementation of the actual construction process. We have learned a lot about a good organization of work, the necessary safety arrangements and the rules for the use of various machines and tools. Correspondingly, the first step has been taken now and we are all looking forward to the coming experiences on the building site.

Inspection of building hall in Jülich

Today we visited the large hall at the research center in Jülich for the first time, where the construction of our house will start in a few weeks. After a tour and a brief introduction we got our work passes, which we will need on the site. Later, our Professor Peter Russel spontaneously gave a short speech in order to get us tuned a little bit to this place and the time on the site. Overall we are delighted by the size and equipment of the hall and we are already looking forward to build our Counter Entropy House there.

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