The "Smart" in Smart Home

Home Automation Overview

The entire home technic of the "Counter Entropy"-house can be controlled with a specific adapted iPad and iPhone app. With that, you can easily access all important functions quick and intuitive. Therefore only selected functions like temperature, lights or home appliances are listed. Even the multimedia can be controlled and suited for each living zone directly with the iPad, too. If there is no iPad available you can use a special feature: the gesture control. With intuitive gestures it is possible to control the most important functions of the house. The gesture control is placed central in the living area.

Energy Saving

Energy saving has top priority in the "Counter Entropy"-house. In our apps, the user gets a feedback about the current consumption and possible energy saving potentials. With continuous and detailed measurements of energy consumption and production it can be recognized when it is energetic efficient to use the dish washer, cut of completely an appliance which uses standby energy or turn of the light. But not only to electric topics is paid attention, also to outside conditions like temperature or solar radiation or the current thermal energy in the different water tanks. In order that the user can recognize the potentials and save energy with them, several forms of visualization are developed. For example a "green leaf" indicates a currently efficient running home automation and a "dot system" the relation of energy consumption und production.

To minimize the amount of appliances used for the home automation an iMac is used as central computer. It is the home automation server, multimedia server, television, dvd player and interface between the PLC and the iPad/iPhone app and the kinect at once. So the energy consumption of several appliances is reduced on the iMac which can adapt its consumption to the current needs and saves space at the same time.

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Björn Teutriene

Björn Teutriene